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How do I add a signature pad to a bezl?

Signature pads can allow you to capture a user's signature directly in a bezl and then store that confirmation in your back end system.

There are lots of reasons you may want to capture a digital signature in your bezl. Maybe it’s for a customer to confirm an order. Maybe it’s for a delivery driver to acknowledge the shipment. Maybe it’s to cement a wager for a solid gold fiddle against your immortal soul.

Whatever your reason, there is a widget to make that easy!

[config]="{'version': 1, 'width': 300, 'height': 250}"


You can add that into your markup. The config options are pretty simple, version is 1, specify the width and height of your desired signature pad. It outputs 2 values:

  • (drawStart) outputs if the user is currently drawing
  • (drawEnd) outputs a base64 string of what the current drawing is

If the user presses the clear button, it clears the drawing and emits (drawEnd) with a blank string.