What are some resources I can use to learn more?

Since the backend of Bezlio is C# and in the front-end is Angular, there are a LOT of great resources out there!

Here is some background and resources:

It should be pretty straight forward for a developer to begin building bezls. Most of the backend integration pieces are done using C# code accessing the APIs.  Basically on that side, they can create .cs (C#) files that reside on the server. The functions they create in that code are then exposed to the Bezlio designer so they can call them directly.


The front-end is built in an enhanced version of Angular (we’re on version 7 currently) we’ve created. There is a ton of resources available out there to learn Angular, but here are a couple resources I would suggest. The angular documentation itself is pretty good, we are currently using Angular v7, here is a link to their documentation:


 In that you really only need the Components and Templates section, in particular the Template Syntax.


That gives you the basics of model bindings. Then the next piece is Angular Materials:


Those are components you can utilize in building out forms, really good stuff there.


Finally I am building onto this, but our knowledgebase (hey that's me!) has some useful stuff as well:



We have Slack channels available so devs can speak directly to our dev team as well (let me know if you'd like an invite!